Birth to Age 5

Montessori for the youngest students begins with nursery school, preschool and kindergarten.

In our nursery school, our littlest children learn about the world around them through exploration while classroom guides (the Montessori word for teachers) introduce them to new activities and experiences. Here toddlers gain crucial life skills such as language development, gross motor coordination and toilet training.

Every day in the preschool and kindergarten classroom starts with each child selecting the activities that most capture his fascination. The teachers carefully monitor the day’s activities, guiding students to new work, recording each child’s choices to share with parents and working one-on-one with every child. Throughout the day, preschool children have opportunities to explore and play outside.

Morning class work is structured in a traditional Montessori work period with independent and group academic activities from the five focus areas of mathematics, language (reading and writing), social studies, science, self expression and practical life.

Afternoon preschool activities include nature school along with Reggio-Emilia inspired maker space activities, imaginative play, and visual arts instruction.

Friday is an early dismissal day that includes school wide field trips, cultural celebrations, service opportunities and experiential projects.

To learn more about our specialized curriculum, select one of the three areas of focus:

Montessori Preschool
Nature School
Reggio Emilia Maker Space

Our nursery school is for toddlers and preschoolers (18 months and older) including those who are not yet potty-trained. Our primary class is for three to five year old children who can independently use the toilet. In a traditional school, this age range includes children attending kindergarten.

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