Preschool and Kindergarten

Primary School Tuition 2022-2023

Materials and Activities FeeYearly TuitionMonthly Payment
Flex Schedule$250$3750$375Three mornings and two afternoons each week
Academic Foundations$225$3750$375Five half-days each week (mornings)
Maker Space and Nature School$225$3000$300Four half-days each week (afternoons)
Next Steps$200$2500$250Three half-days (mornings or afternoons) PLUS Friday morning each week
First Experiences$150$1750$175Two half-days each week (mornings or afternoons)

Monthly Payment Options
As a convenience for our families, we offer a monthly payment option. Families can choose to pay preschool tuition in ten monthly installments (August through May). Monthly payments are due on the 15th of each month.

Materials and Activities Fee
The non-refundable materials and activities fee is due immediately upon acceptance to Nahunta Hall and reserves your student’s spot in our program.

Class Supply List

  • Simple backpack or bag (large enough to hold student supplies)
  • Reusable lunchbox, labeled with your student’s name
  • Reusable water bottle labeled with the student’s name
  • Pocket folder for transporting papers to and from school
  • Change of clothes, including pants, underwear and extra socks, in case of an accident
  • Personal Care:
    • Mask (for colds and runny noses)
    • Sunscreen
    • Navy sun hat
    • Navy cardigan (for warmth inside the classrooms)
    • Change of clothes, including pants, underwear and socks, in case of an accident
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Lotion

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