The Nahunta Hall Performing Arts Studio is located in Lindon and includes Nahunta Hall Music Academy (home of Nahunta Hall Youth Symphony), Nahunta Hall School of Dance and Nahunta Hall Children & Young Adults’ Theatre.

Nahunta Hall School of Dance
Through Nahunta Hall School of Dance, we offer dance instruction during the school day for Nahunta Hall students and supplemental after-school courses open to both students and non-students. Our studio has mirrored walls, daylight windows and a beautiful floating hard wood floor.

Nahunta Hall Music Academy
After-school musical groups that are open to students from other schools include Children’s Chorus, Junior Strings, Youth Symphony and Concert Band. Other musical opportunities include Private Stringed Instrument Lessons, Suzuki Piano Lessons, Ukulele Workshop and Guitar Workshop.

Nahunta Hall Children & Young Adults’ Theatre
Our junior and senior theatre programs teach children the basics of theatrical performance in a fun and accepting atmosphere. Older students learn about stage production and both groups perform well-loved musicals and plays several times each year with every student receiving a performing part.