Our geography materials give our young students a hands-on way to explore the world.

Sandpaper Globe

This globe has sand covered continents for a rough texture to contrast with the smooth blue oceans. Students learn to distinguish between land and water.

Land and Water Form Trays

With the hands-on land and water form trays, children learn geographic features such as straight, lake, island, cape, bay, isthmus, archipelago, gulf, systems of lakes and peninsula.

Land Form Sandpaper Cards

The sandpaper cards are a two dimensional representation of the land and water forms explored earlier with the water trays.

World Globe

Each continent on the world globe is painted a different color and children quickly learn to recognize each continent. (South America is pink; Africa is green;  Asia is yellow;  North America is Orange; Australia is brown; Antarctica is white; Europe is red.) Children learn which animals live in which parts of the world and which climates and biomes are present in different countries.

Puzzle Maps

There are eight basic puzzle maps in our primary classroom, one for each inhabited continent, one world map (matching the colors of the world globe) and one puzzle map with the individual states of the United States. Children learn the names of the countries of the world and the states of the U.S. They see the relational size of each and learn their placement.

Flags of the World

This activity features flags from around the world that are inserted into the corresponding country on the map. At the primary level, students learn to recognize the various elements from the flags of different countries and take this knowledge to the elementary level where they begin to learn why different countries included specific elements on their countries’ flags.

Culture Baskets

Our baskets feature items from around the world that children can see, touch and smell. We welcome donations of small items or culturally accurate souvenirs such as money, toys, fabric or newspapers.

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