As a Reggio Emilia inspired school, Nahunta Hall encourages personal expression. In our classrooms, you will hear children humming as they work, see children cooperating with friends on large projects and smell the delicious foods students cook during culinary classes. Whether students want to act out their own stories at the puppet theater or build gigantic block towers to flex their engineering muscles, our classrooms have just the right materials accessible.

We come together each day for circle time. We sing songs and read stories. Students observe the weather and seasonal changes and talk as a group about their experiences. Children also go outside daily for games with the teacher and exploration with friends.

At Nahunta Hall, learning is so much more than just academics. It’s about growing into a happy and confident adult. Our classroom guides encourage children to listen to their bodies so that they know when to have a snack, use the restroom, drink water, take a rest, get help or talk about their big feelings.

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