The preschool years are a time for children to learn independence. Practical life activities teach children the skills they need to develop into responsible adults.

Grace and Courtesy

Students receive instruction in “Grace and Courtesy.” These  lessons include politely interrupting, waiting patiently, greetings, introductions, coughing and sneezing, and expressing compliments.

Grace and courtesy lessons teach self-respect, acceptance of the uniqueness and dignity of others, kindness, peacefulness, compassion, empathy, honor, individual responsibility and courage to speak from our hearts.

Care of Self

Students learn how to put on their own shoes, blow their nose, wash their hands, and zip up their coat.

Fine Motor

Folding, cutting, pasting and gluing, stringing beads, opening jars and bottles, lacing and sewing cards—all of these activities refine a child’s ability to handle small objects which is a necessary precursor to beautiful penmanship and advanced fine motor skills (painting, drawing, playing a musical instrument, etc.) 

Other fine motor skills include pouring, grasping, carrying, scooping, spooning, and using tongs, tweezers, eye droppers, sponges, syringes and turkey basters.

Housekeeping and Home Repair

Children learn and practice a variety of home skills such as sweeping, food preparation, folding, sewing, weaving, using hand tools and flower arranging.

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