Maker Space STEAM Lab: Visual Art

In our Sewing, Fiber Arts and Handicrafts center, you’ll explore spinning and weaving; learn knitting, crocheting and embroidery; and practice braiding, felting and cross stitching. You’ll design individual projects to refine your skills in leather working, quilting, cloth dyeing and sewing. You’ll study amazing artists like Olek, Maria Martinez and Faith Ringgold who elevated handicrafts (once seen as menial women’s work) to the status of fine art worthy of display along side the paintings by Vincent Van Gogh or Romare Bearden.

In our Visual Arts center, you’ll develop proficiency in traditional art techniques. Then pick your medium– painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, photography, or film– and start creating. Get inspiration from our five minute museum breaks spotlighting works from the great masters: Claude Monet, Hannah Hoch, Annie Leibovitz, Hokusai Katushika.

In our Industrial Design and Applied Arts center, you’ll explore domestic crafts like candle dipping and paper making. You’ll acquire skills in wood craftsmanship, jewelry making, culinary arts, junk art and graphic design. And you’ll investigate how to apply art processes to careers like web design and interior decorating.

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