Maker Space STEAM Lab: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

In our Science center, you can experiment and learn about physics and chemistry topics in a fun and hands-on way. Rocketry? Electronics and circuitry? Chemical reactions? Magnetism? Robotics? The biggest challenge you’ll have is finding time to do it all!

In our Technology center, you’ll receive instruction in computer generated art, digital photo editing and movie creation and 3D modeling. Whether your focus is on introductory digital literacy and keyboarding skills or you are interested in more challenging subjects like sound design and digital game development, we have the tools available for you to create amazing projects. Plus, we’ve got classes on computer programming and coding with Scratch, HTML, php, C# and Python.

In our Engineering center, you’ll investigate as you construct, assemble, stack, deconstruct, and tumble. From LEGO building to domino stacking, there’s so much for you to explore! If you aren’t sure where to start, our weekly STEM challenges will help springboard your learning into high gear.

In our Applied Mathematics center, you will participate in activities showcasing the beauty of mathematics: origami, string art, architecture, cardioids, probability, tessellations, symmetry, and fractals. This is also the center where we store board games–play a favorite with friends (chess, Yahtzee) or create your own!

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