Suzuki Piano

Suzuki Piano LessonsShin'ichi Suzuki developed "Talent Education" with the goal of bringing beauty to the children of Japan after the devastation of World War II (in much the same way Loris Malaguzzi, the father of the Reggio Emilia approach, did for the children of Italy). The Suzuki method aligns beautifully with Reggio Emilia inspired Montessori values.

Suzuki believed that every child could learn to play a musical instrument. Before learning rote reading, children study grace and technique, developing a strong foundation in musicality and fostering a delight for music. Suzuki teachers take their cues from each child and parents are partners in the learning process. (See our blog post on how the Suzuki method aligns with a Reggio Emiila inspired Montessori education.)

Monthly tuition for Suzuki piano lessons at Nahunta Hall is $300 per semester. Students are required to purchase additional learning materials including Suzuki books and listening CDs.

Students receive three half-hour private lessons and one 45 minute group lesson each month. Parents must attend all private lessons with beginning students or with students under age ten.

To request more information or to schedule an enrollment interview, please email or call us: 801.319.1152.