Our Philosophy: Inspiring Creativity

Reggio Emilia Montessori Preschool"We all start out as fledgling dancers, actors, musicians and artists. We learn to move through and communicate with the world by using the basic elements of creativity: curiosity, observation, experimentation, translation, communication. When we arrive at school, we already have a highly successful system of learning that we have been perfecting all of our lives.

No wonder 'sitting still and being quiet' is so difficult and discouraging for many young learners. We are being asked to abandon approaches to learning with which we have had great success. Those methods have made us who we are.

The argument that arts learning must take place only after basic academic skills have been mastered ignores the fact that we are already masters at gaining skills in ways that are the essence of learning through the arts. Doesn’t it make sense to build on that successful model of learning rather than insisting on a completely different approach?"

– Janet Eilber, Artistic Director at the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance