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Our Methodology: Encouraging Discovery

Three core values provide a framework for our experiential learning program:

1. High Achievement Through Student Directed Learning
• Extended Learning Periods where Students Are Encouraged to Follow Their Interests
• Inquiry-based Instruction with Practical Applications and Project Based Tasks
• Progress Assessed on Benchmark Mastery not Seat-time

2. A Sense of Community and Personal Responsibility
• Multi-age Classes where Students Help Others, Share Materials, and Participate in Discussions
• Teachers as a Facilitators of Learning, Working with the Same Students for Consecutive Years
• Grace and Courtesy Lessons Replacing Punishment (Discipline) and Reward (Grading) Systems

3. The Prepared Environment as the Third Teacher
• High Quality, Hands-on Materials Stored Within Reach of Students
• Beautiful, Orderly Classrooms Cared for by Students
• Outdoors as an Extension of the Classroom