Nahunta Hall School of Dance

Nahunta Hall Performing Arts Studio includes Nahunta Hall Music Academy (home of Nahunta Hall Youth Symphony), Nahunta Hall School of Dance and Nahunta Hall Children & Young Adults' Theatre.

Through Nahunta Hall School of Dance, we offer dance instruction during the school day for Nahunta Hall students and supplemental after-school courses open to both students and non-students.

Nahunta Hall teaches multiple levels of ballet with a focus on artistic performance, safe technique and proper strength building. More...

Beginning with creative dance for pre-schoolers and culminating in a free-style dance team, our modern dance program teaches technique alongside contemporary movement. More...

Students in jazz classes explore jazz dance styles from the last 75 years. Classes focus on rhythm, beat and technique. Costume requirements for performing teams will be detailed at the beginning of each year. Tuition is $35 per month.

Students learn a variety of street dancing styles in a non-threatening atmosphere using music with a fabulous beat but with age appropriate lyrics. More...

Hula is storytelling through dance and music. Students learn this beautiful art form from experienced teachers. Performance opportunities may be available and costume requirements will be detailed prior to each show.

This fast paced dance style gets your heart pumping and is the perfect dance class for children can't sit still. Participation in individual and team competition events is a required part of clogging instruction.

Increase your strength and flexibility while managing stress through yoga and meditation. We are pleased to partner with Bhaktihouse to offer yoga classes for adults.